Luxe Films Travel Policy

Luxe travels regionally, nationally, and internationally. Luxe requires booking its own travel accommodations. Once a travel inquiry has been made, Luxe will send the client a Travel Estimate. The Travel Estimate is just an estimate. It is based on current travel industry prices and Per Diems at the time it was created. Luxe Films puts forth its best effort to create the most accurate Travel Estimate possible, however, actual travel prices and Per Diems may vary based upon when the client chooses to send payment and/or a change in travel or Per Diem rates. Faster payment of Travel Estimate from client will help ensure securing the best deals. The Travel Estimate must be paid in full before Luxe will make any travel reservations.

Travel Policy
Local travel is limited to a 25 mile radius from downtown Houston and is included in the package price. Travel further than a 25 mile radius is considered regional travel, which will require a fee, and may require hotel accommodations. Regional travel is limited to a 160 mile radius from downtown Houston. The regional travel mileage fee will be calculated at $.90/mile USD. This fee covers fuel, vehicle wear and tear, and time lost due to travel. Any travel further than a 160 mile radius may require air travel and hotel accommodations.

Unforeseen Expenses
Any unforeseen travel expenses will be billed separately to the client following the event and payment will be due prior to delivery of final product. Luxe Films will collect detailed receipts of all expenses related to travel.

Lost Time Fee
In certain situations, Luxe Films may charge a fee for lost time due to travel. If, and for how much, a fee is charged will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will be included in the Travel Estimate.

Travel payment is non-refundable once travel arrangements have been made.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or special travel requests.