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Are You Willing To Hire An Imposter For Your Wedding?

Let’s be honest…most wedding DJs aren’t real DJs. They are instead a person who simply runs an iTunes playlist on their laptop (which anyone can do). As a luxury bride who’s #1 focus is on quality and guest experience, you must ask yourself: “Would i be ok with hiring a fake musician who doesn’t actually play their own instrument, and lip-syncs instead?” Of course not. So then why would you be willing to hire a so called “dj” who does just the same? Well now you don’t have to! Luxe DJ’s are actual DJ’s! They scratch, mashup songs, mix tempos, and are constantly reading the crowd to provide music that evokes the most excitement! But there’s more…in addition to having a real DJ, Luxe also provides you with a real MC (Master of Ceremonies), dedicated to igniting the crowd and creating an atmosphere like you’ve never seen at a wedding! Putting this kind of attention on the experience is what separates a Luxe Wedding from other weddings. It’s time to say no to the fakes, and give your guests an experience they’ll never forget. Luxe DJ’s are real, and your wedding deserves to have the real thing!

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